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Three focus areas for implementing the right mix of hybrid IT for private and hybrid cloud use cases


Hewlett Packard Enterprise has talked a lot about the importance of getting “your right mix” of hybrid IT, which involves:

Defining your right mix by assessing the unique needs of your applications to identify the optimal mix of private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT that will accelerate the delivery of applications and services to your internal and external customers
Powering your right mix with IT infrastructure that is cost optimized and will deliver not only the application services you need today, but is flexible enough to be transformed to deliver future services as well.
Optimizing your right mix by automating and orchestrating your operations to simplify the management, security and continuous delivery of your hybrid IT environment.


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Measuring the Cost of Stolen Data


Both cybercrime and the ways to mitigate its effects are both topics that are too broad to adequately cover in a single blog post, so let’s limit what we look at here to a subset of these. In particular, let’s follow what one team of researchers did (the “EISP” paper, “Measuring the cost of cybercrime“) and limit ourselves to crimes that are generally considered cybercrimes. So this will include crimes like online banking fraud and online payment card fraud, where a criminal uses someone else’s identity or bank account fraudulently, but it will not include crimes like welfare fraud and tax fraud in which a criminal might use their own identity, but use it to carry out a fraudulent transaction online.

From what we learned in our ECON 101 class, we should expect that businesses would be willing to spend roughly up to the amount of their losses to help prevent those losses. It probably makes sense to spend $1 million to eliminate a $10 million loss, but if it costs $20 million to eliminate a $10 million loss, you’re actually better off just accepting the loss than in trying to eliminate it.


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How to power traditional enterprise apps with hybrid cloud services


Enterprise applications are directly driving and influencing more of the opportunities and growth in organizations. Organizations are actively looking to move more of those applications into hybrid cloud environments as a way to better fuel their needs. In fact research shows that organizations expect 56% of enterprise app workloads to be in private or hybrid cloud environments in the next two years. Enterprises are finding they can deliver more competitive customer experiences and update processes by harnessing cloud capabilities to power those enterprise applications at a lower TCO and with greater efficiency than on traditional dedicated servers or even virtualization alone.

But to realize these benefits, you need the right solution and access to cloud experts to help plan and move traditional apps to a hybrid cloud environment that meets your needs.


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Take the Break Out of Break Fix

Save on maintenance spend while receiving our personalised support model.

We guarantee savings with HPE Authorised support*

For a limited time HPE technology services are offering new and returning customers the opportunity to save on maintenance spend(1) while receiving our personalised support model tailored to your business objectives.

Plus you receive the first month of support free while we get to know your environment.

a nimble and personable support delivery model

HPE has taken feedback from our customer base to develop a support delivery model which is nimble and personable, as well as fast & easy to manage. With this model you will experience streamlined diagnosis and reduced downtime through proactive deliverables, including the following(2):


Plus your choice of one of the following value added rewards(4):

HPE TS Support Credits

To the value of 5% of your new support order towards HPE TS Support Credits activity of your choice(3) to help boost your technology return on investment by extending product lifecycles.

HPE Hardware Credits

To the value of 5% of your new support order to be used towards the purchase of new HPE infrastructure(3) when you decide to retire and refresh your ageing legacy equipment.

Terms and conditions apply – please read the offer details below.

Offer Brief

Promotion Overview

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Evolve Fearlessly with TS Support Credits


Evolve Fearlessly with TS Support Credits

HPE Technology Services (TS) Support Credits offer flexible services and technical skills to meet your IT demands as your business evolves. With a menu of services you can tailor to suit your needs, you can tap into HPE resources and specialist skills to help extend your in-house capabilities, meet project requirements, and maintain the peak performance of your existing infrastructure.

TS Support Credits is a yearly service that gives you access to extra skills your customers need for IT projects, and operational excellence they can use over a 12 month period.

Customers also get access to a Remote Credit Advisor who can help them understand their needs and assist them in selecting a service from the menu.

As an added bonus you can now enjoy up to 55% off HPE TS Support Credits from 1st November to the 31st January. Purchase now and use later.
Eclipse Deal#94449790

Example of services available:

• Blade Toolset Assessment
• Virtualization Performance Audit
• Storage Firmware and Software Analysis and Management
• SAN Firmware and Software Analysis and Management
• Services for ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA
• Network Firmware and Software Analysis

For more about HPE Technology Services Lifecycle Event Services including TS Support Credits and how they can help you transform your IT:
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HPE Proactive Care Services

Support TS

HPE Proactive Care Services – Combining support with smart technology.

Moving into a converged, virtualized or cloud-based environment requires a trusted partner who understands the wide-range of expanding technologies and complexities.

By combining smart technology with expert consultation, HPE Proactive Care Services provide a personalized and proactive hands-on approach to maintaining an agile, healthy and reliable infrastructure. We provide tailored proactive reporting, consultation, recommendations and support for your HPE hardware and software.

Choose from one of three hardware support levels:
• Next Business Day
• 24×7
• Call-to-Repair

Plus the ability to choose Defective Media Retention (DMR) for extra privacy.

HPE Proactive Care Services helps ensure your IT infrastructure remains stable and reliable. You’ll spend less time worrying about operations maintenance and more time focused on innovation and growth.

The benefits are real


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And now HPE Technology Services is offering up to 60% off selected Proactive Care support across Server, Storage and Network. To view these offers refer to deal #94449790

Learn more about HPE Technology Services including HPE Proactive Support and how they can help you transform your IT:

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